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My First Step

I was interested in trying out something new and setting up my own webspace sometime back but I didnt knew where to start. I searched a lot and found many interesting resources in the due course. I thought of sharing it since someone might be in the same situation now as I was once.

Well there are three types of web homes you can start with.

1. Your own site: ( or something) It typically requires a registration for a domain and setting up your website layout and creating and linking together your webpages. Also some hosting services might also be required if you would like to host some files to belinked/downloaded from your website. It can cost you some amount depending on the amount of hosting space you want.

2. A homepage: ( ) Its like a single homepage hosted by some other domain. You can do pretty much the same thing as with your own website but the url of your page is bit hard to remeber and pass on.

3. A Blog: ( Like the one right here. A Blog is one of the best ways to start with. You get a predefined very good interface. Creatig and posting is very intuitive, you dont need to be an Html expert for being a blogger.

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egb said...

Your post is very informative and useful.