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Link Building Strategy

Out of all link building strategy, Link Exchange is the most common. This essntially consists of exchanging links with similar sites/blogs. Mostly these types of links are displayed in the form of blogrolls. This type of link building strategy is also known as two-way links or reciprocal links, since both the sites link each other.

Some easy ways to get two-way links:

1. If you have mutiple sites or blogs, make a blogroll of your own. Its a good way of building two-way links initially with in your own sites.

2. Link directories are another good way of two-way reciprocal links. You can post your link on a link directory and you will need to post its badge on your site in return.

3. You can post an index of your pages or blog contents on the mage page template somewhere. So its displayed with every page.

General points to be noted while exchanging two-way links:

1. Make sure where will your links be displayed. Blogrolls on the main page template are the best but hard to get.

2. Check the PR of that page where your links are to be displayed. People generally asks for links for their main site or main page (which might have a good PR) and return with a link from an interior page of their site which hardly has any traffic or PR.

3. Don't always go by PR, some sites are bound to succeed in long run. Try building links with sites that might succeed later, even if they have a low PR at the moment.

This is a good strategy for starting up link building campaign, but this alone is not sufficient.
Maximum benefit is derived from one-way links. Oneway links are links pointing to your site or blog and your blog not pointing to the same page or site in return.

Some easy ways to get one-way links:

1. Blog and site comments. You don't need to spam comments section with your url for this. Instead use name and url section to post genuine quality comments.

2. Forums. Forums can be a good source of one-way links in two ways. One by having a link to your site on your profile page. Also by including your site and blog links in your signature. So every reply you post on any thread in a forum earns you a one-way link to your site.

Third kind of link building is probably the most useful. Its the three-way link building.
In three way link building strategy you get a link from someone's site and post the link for some other site of the same person in return. Which inturn might be linking to his original site.

Let say You have sites A and Your friend has site B and C, Now you get link from site B and you give link to site C. B -> A -> C
And he in turn links his site C to B C-> B.

Well I can't explain it simpler.

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