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Google PR Update 27 September 2008

Seems like Google Updated the page rank on 27th Sept 2008 again. This time the update came in earlier than expected in only two months from last PR update happening on 25th July 2008 only

Some of my sites that gained PR

The gain in PR and back links shall be reflecting in a day or two for others too.
Check out your sites, For some it might decrease as well.

Another blog for which I was expecting a PR Free HD Trailers didn't started yet in Sept 2008 PR update, I hope it does get a PR in next update.

In general Google has been generous in PR this time as i didn't notice any loss in PR on any of my blogs.

Kudos Google... and Thanks for the updates.. :)

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Penny said...

Our new domain is less then 1 year old, we now have a PR4. We think with some hadr work and getting some good backlinks we should be for the years end hit a PR5