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Free Site and Hosting at Google Sites

Google has recently come up with Sites, where you can not only create and host your site for free but you even get 100MB of free webspace.
Yes ou can host stuff for your other sites here as well and link it to your main site.

Here is a sample site that I created:
Its pretty simple to use like text editor. Just type in whatever you want to publish or even copy paste just like you do in MS Word.

You can even create multiple pages and a sitemap.

Initial idea for google is to provide a platform to small groups and organizations to create and share sites between the group. But this can be a good starting and learning point for those trying their hand at web publishing. After all its free to try.

Some might wonder how exactly is it different from googlepages, A free page creation service that google is already offering? Well on Google sites not only can you create the pages and link them together with a sitemap but also host 100MB of stuff that you may want to share. This might include usefull appications, drivers, file, songs, clips, multimedia contents anything.

Link to my google site:

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