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How to place adsense ads on your blog

Step1. Log in to Adsense and Click on "Adsense Setup"

Step2. Click on "Adsense for Content"

Step3. Select Ad Unit and click on Continue

Step4. Select Ad Format from the drop down menu

Step5. Select Color palette form the dropdown menu

Step6. Click Continue

Step7. Add a new channel, they are useful in tracking your ad performance.

Step8. You will see the channel you created on the right side. Now click Continue.

Step9. Give a name to the ad unit you just created. and click "Submit and Get Code"

Step10. Copy the code of the ad you just created. You'll need to paste this ad on your blog.

Step11. Now log into blogger and select the layout for your blog from the Dashboard. Now Click on "Add a page element'

Step12. Now choose HTML/Javascript and click "Add to Blog" button.

Step13. Paste the code of the Ad you copied from step 10 here. Now click save. If you get an error here, you may not have pasted the ad code properly.

Step14. Now you'll see a page element added by the name "HTML/Javacript". Now click Save button.

Wait for 10-15 minutes before your ads start appearing on your blog.


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